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Vocational and Psychometric Testing

Vocational and psychometric testing with Hankins and Hankins

Vocational and psychometric testing typically includes a battery of standardized assessments measuring constructs of interest, including but not limited to intellectual capacity, achievement levels, aptitudes, work interests, and personality traits.  While some information regarding an individual’s work-related abilities (e.g. general learning ability; reading comprehension; clerical perception) can be determined from his or her educational attainment and/or work background, it is often beneficial to administer relevant standardized tests for exploratory (e.g. to better assess an individual’s abilities due to limited knowledge about his or her current functioning) or confirmatory (e.g. to verify the accuracy of assumptions made about an individual’s current functioning based on other information) purposes.  Dr. Hankins has specialized training in the selection, administration, scoring, and interpretation of standardized vocationally-relevant testing and, whether for exploratory or confirmatory reasons, often relies on an individual’s valid test results when evaluating his or her employment (or rehabilitation) and earning potential.