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Transferable Skills Analysis


Transferable work skills are skills that an individual has previously acquired and demonstrated through past employment that may provide him or her with job placement alternatives that can be immediately pursued with little or no vocational training.  An analysis of an individual’s transferable skills involves an assessment of whether any such skills exist as well as the degree of transferability which is largely dependent on the similarity of occupationally significant work activities among different jobs.  In particular, an individual’s work skills are most likely to transfer between occupations (or jobs) of the same or lower skill level as well as those which use the same or similar machines, tools, equipment, and work aids and involve the same or similar raw materials, products, processes or services (e.g. the skill requirements of a police officer often directly transfer to positions as a security guard or gate guard).  Information gleaned from a transferable skills analysis has many uses such as helping a client maximize his or her ability to work and earn money despite the functional effects of permanent medical impairments and in determining the extent to which an evaluee can mitigate any lost employment opportunity and/or earning capacity due to an injury or incident.