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Case Consultation

case consultation with professional help from Bentley Hankins

Consultation may be provided on a forensic case even when Dr. Hankins is not retained as an expert witness.  Consultation services vary depending on case circumstances but usually involve a records review in order to offer preliminary guidance about a plaintiff’s (or claimant’s) employment and/or earning potential, particularly the impact of a specific injury or incident on his or her ability to work and earn money.  Conducting a records review when serving in a consulting role frequently involves a review of vocational rehabilitation and/or economic expert reports that have been presented as evidence by the opposing side. This allows Dr. Hankins to provide a critique of the methodology used and the conclusions presented by opposing counsel’s damages experts who have rendered opinions regarding the degree of vocational disability and/or economic loss attributable to the relevant incident (e.g. automobile accident; medical malpractice; wrongful termination).