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Report Preparation

Report preparation by Bentley Hankins vocational Rehabilitation experts.

A written report that includes a detailed explanation of Dr. Hankins’ analysis and findings will be prepared upon request. In a clinical context, the written report will usually include a description of the assessment of the client’s employment potential and specifics about the rehabilitation plan that has been designed to assist him or her in returning to suitable gainful employment. In a forensic context, depending on the type of case in which Dr. Hankins is retained, the written report will usually include a listing all of records reviewed as part of the evaluation process, a description of the assessment of the evaluee’s employment and/or earning potential (e.g. via multiple activities such as occupational, transferable skills, labor market access and earning capacity analyses), and conclusions about the degree of vocational disability and/or economic loss, if any, the evaluee has sustained based on all available information.  All references reviewed and relied on as part of an evaluation are also identified at the end of a clinical or forensic report.

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