Client/Evaluee Interview

After the interview process and evaluation


A crucial component of the evaluation process, the Client/Evaluee Interview takes place in a structured manner, typically following the preliminary records review. Dr. Hankins oversees this pivotal phase, utilizing the interview to strategically pose inquiries that pertain to the specific outcomes of interest within a given case. Moreover, this interaction serves as an avenue to address any ambiguities or uncertainties that might have surfaced during the thorough review of available records.

The structured interview is a multifaceted tool that effectively mines a spectrum of information. While foundational facts such as an individual’s age, education, and work history are meticulously documented and corroborated, the interview primarily zeroes in on the qualitative aspects relevant to the case at hand. It is within this domain that the interview extracts qualitative data that holds the key to understanding the intricate dynamics of each unique case.

For instance, in cases involving injuries, the structured interview becomes a conduit for unearthing insights into multifarious facets. When earnings records reveal notable fluctuations in an individual’s income prior to the injury event, the interview stage assumes an even greater significance. This juncture provides an ideal platform to engage in a comprehensive discussion regarding the factors underlying these income fluctuations. Such deliberations delve into the reasons behind the inconsistent earnings patterns, aiming to uncover how these fluctuations might bear upon the assessment of the individual’s pre-incident wage-earning capacity and, subsequently, their work-life expectancy.

Thus, the Client/Evaluee Interview is a pivotal juncture where qualitative dimensions merge with data-driven precision. Dr. Hankins, leveraging their expertise, orchestrates this interaction to unveil nuanced insights that elude mere data aggregation. This process aligns seamlessly with the overarching objective of the evaluation—crafting a comprehensive and informed perspective that resonates with the intricacies of each individual case.

In essence, the structured interview isn’t merely a procedural step; it’s a dynamic dialogue. It embodies the essence of collaboration between the evaluator and the client/evaluee, wherein their lived experiences, insights, and perspectives enrich the evaluation process. Through this interactive journey, a deeper layer of comprehension emerges, one that refines the evaluation’s trajectory, nurtures accuracy, and leads to recommendations that are finely attuned to the context of the case.

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