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Summary of Services

Forensic Services – Consulting and Expert Witness


Vocational rehabilitation forensic (i.e. consulting and expert witness) services are provided to plaintiff and defense counsel, as well as disability adjudication systems (e.g. Social Security Administration’s Office of Hearings Operations), in the form of litigation support regarding employment-related matters.  In such instances, no client-counselor relationship is established between A. Bentley Hankins, Ph.D. and the plaintiff. Rather, Dr. Hankins is retained as a consultant or expert witness and performs an independent vocational evaluation (involving evaluation of employment potential/vocational disability) and/or independent rehabilitation economic evaluation (involving evaluation of earning potential/economic loss) which, depending on case circumstances, include activities such as records reviews, structured evaluee interviews, vocational and psychometric testing, occupational/job analyses, labor market research, transferable skills, labor market access, earning capacity, personal maintenance/consumption and household services analyses and life care plan valuations.  If desired, a written report including a detailed description of Dr. Hankins’ analysis and findings is prepared. Additionally, if retained as an expert witness, deposition and/or trial testimony is provided as necessary.

Clinical Services - Counseling


Vocational rehabilitation clinical (i.e. counseling) services, including but not necessarily limited to a client interview, vocational and psychometric testing, job-seeking skills training and work adjustment counseling, are provided to individuals seeking to make changes to their current employment situation.  Focus is generally placed on assisting individuals with defining appropriate employment goals given their vocational profile (including their age, education, work history and functional capacity), acquiring relevant human capital in the form of education and/or training, and finding open positions within their desired occupation in their local labor market.  The client-counselor relationship customarily begins with an initial meeting that includes a structured client interview and standardized testing, often consisting of measures of intelligence, achievement, aptitude, personality and/or work interests. Information obtained from these activities, in addition to a records review and labor market research, is then used to better communicate with, and provide guidance to, the client regarding realistic vocational options and the process necessary to maximize his or her employment potential.

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