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Greensboro-High Point, NC

The Greensboro-High Point, NC metropolitan statistical area (MSA) had a civilian employment of approximately 361,150 as of May 2018 according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics survey (excluding self-employed and household workers). The greater Greensboro-High Point, NC labor market experienced employment decline of about 2.10% (368,900 to 361,150) in the 10-year period from 2008 to 2018. This is in comparison to the 7.06% national employment growth during the same period.  The 2018 labor market estimate of 361,150 for the Greensboro-High Point, NC MSA is comprised of the following: 15,160 (4.20%) in management occupations; 15,720 (4.35%) in business and financial operations occupations; 7,300 (2.02%) in computer and mathematical occupations; 5,190 (1.44%) in architecture and engineering occupations; 1,830 (0.51%) in life, physical and social science occupations; 3,380 (0.94%) in community and social service occupations; 1,470 (0.41%) in legal occupations; 20,260 (5.61%) in education, training and library occupations; 3,290 (0.91%) in arts, design, entertainment, sports and media occupations; 18,740 (5.19%) in healthcare practitioners and technical occupations; 11,760 (3.26%) in healthcare support occupations; 6,650 (1.84%) in protective service occupations; 31,000 (8.58%) in food preparation and serving related occupations; 10,780 (2.98%) in building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations; 8,800 (2.44%) in personal care and service occupations; 38,130 (10.56%) in sales and related occupations; 55,710 (15.43%) in office and administrative support occupations; 140 (0.04%) in farming, fishing and forestry occupations; 12,850 (3.56%) in construction and extraction occupations; 17,370 (4.81%) in installation, maintenance and repair occupations; 39,540 (10.95%) in production occupations; 36,090 (9.99%) in transportation and material moving occupations. 

Major employers in the Greensboro-High Point, NC metropolitan area include the following: Guilford County Schools (9,500+ employees); Cone Health (9,250+ employees); City of Greensboro (2,900+ employees); Ralph Lauren Corporation (2,850+ employees); Guilford County (2,600+ employees); High Point Regional UNC Health Care (2,500+ employees); University of North Carolina @ Greensboro (2,450+ employees); U.S. Postal Service (2,300+ employees); Volvo Trucks North America (2,200+ employees); BB&T (1,900+ employees); United Health Care (1,850+ employees).  

Whether serving as your vocational rehabilitation counselor, consultant or expert witness, Dr. Hankins will make use of his specialized knowledge of the greater Greensboro-High Point, NC labor market to ensure that his professional opinions about individuals’ employment and earning potential are based on accurate, reliable information.  In a clinical context, this maximizes the likelihood of helping clients to identify appropriate vocational goals and developing a rehabilitation plan that will allow them to achieve their employment aspirations. In a forensic context, this enables Dr. Hankins to conduct thorough, independent vocational and rehabilitation economic evaluations that culminate in the attainment of defensible conclusions about the degree of vocational disability and/or economic loss attributable to the injury or incident of interest in a case.  Please contact Hankins & Hankins Vocational Consulting today to learn how we can be of help!