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Rehabilitation Economic Consulting Services:

Lost Earning Capacity Assessment
Following a vocational assessment, an earning capacity assessment can be provided where diminution of earnings is an issue. An earning capacity assessment is performed to gather data concerning the monetary losses an individual has sustained due to an injury. This involves gathering information on a client's pre- and post-incident wages, employer-paid benefits, pension payments, medical expenses, household services, etc. Determining loss of earning capacity can also involve consideration of any diminution to an individual's realistically viable occupational choice. The effect of an injury on an individual's life and worklife expectancy is considered as well.

Valuation of Economic Damages/Written Report
Once information from the earning capacity assessment is obtained, a written report can be prepared outlining the value of economic damages sustained by the plaintiff. Valuation of economic damages is typically an issue in personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, employment discrimination and wrongful termination cases. Economic damages can include lost wages, employer-paid benefits, pension payments, medical payments, household services, etc. Deductions for personal consumption/maintenance costs are considered in wrongful death cases when appropriate. A written report containing a detailed, independent appraisal of economic damages can be a valuable tool in negotiating a settlement whether it be for the plaintiff or defense.

File Consultation
In cases involving economic damages, we can work as a consultant even if a written report is not desired. Consultation can include a critique of the opposing side's economic report prior to deposition and/or trial. We can also prepare cross-examination questions to pose to the opposing side's economic expert and provide any relevant documents and studies that might be beneficial to your case. An estimate of economic damages, whether in a written report or simply in consultation, can be provided as well.

Expert Witness Testimony
We are glad to provide testimony at deposition or trial when economic damages are at issue. For the plaintiff, it is important that he/she be fairly compensated for any monetary loss suffered from an injury. Meanwhile, for the defense, when liability is clear, it is important to protect the defendant from paying unjust damages to the plaintiff. Testimony based on an independent appraisal that is clear, concise and accurate can help the trier of fact in determining the value of economic damages.



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